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CN-106692616-A: 一种治疗关节疼痛的外用药及制备方法 patent, CN-106693499-A: Filter element joint patent, CN-106693800-A: Dual-rotation stirrer patent, CN-106694283-A: 一种钢筋喷漆智能机器人 patent, CN-106695283-A: 割草机机头组装流水线的夹具旋转组件 patent, CN-106695298-A: 一种半自动磁铁装配治具 patent, CN-106695324-A: 多功能智能装配流水线 patent, CN-106695758-A: 机械臂扭矩平衡装置 patent, CN-106696192-A: 微注塑压缩模具 patent, CN-106696310-A: Furnace special for resin lens solidifying patent, CN-106696588-A: Making method of ornamental and practical decoration made of environment-friendly and original-ecology bamboo patent, CN-106696623-A: 一种右前下摆臂大轴套上板焊接总成 patent, CN-106697029-A: 一种氧气瓶可移动式放置架 patent, CN-106698014-A: 一种摆动式迁车台、卸车系统和迁车方法 patent, CN-106698264-A: Walking type stacking truck patent, CN-106699524-A: Synthetic method of triethyl orthoformate patent, CN-106699742-A: 一种二氧化噻吨类有机电致发光材料及其制备方法和应用 patent, CN-106699857-A: Screening and application of plant antiviral new target PsbO1 patent, CN-106700430-A: Production process for polybutylene telephthalate (PBT) used for optical cable patent, CN-106700707-A: Colored rock slice prepared from plastic blank patent, CN-106701523-A: Production process of butyric acid bacteria accelerated pre-fermentation butyric-acid-enriched health-care vinegar patent, CN-106701815-A: Method for adjusting traits of potato's storage roots and application thereof patent, CN-106702521-A: 可改善保温功能的丙纶长丝 patent, CN-106703239-A: 一种变刚度支撑减震装置 patent, CN-106703514-A: Sliding type multiple-authentication password anti-theft device patent, CN-106703987-A: 用于发动机自旋损耗减少的平衡轴断开 patent, CN-106704352-A: 电子装置及其枢轴机构 patent, CN-106704356-A: Roller shaft component patent, CN-106705544-A: 制冷设备用保温箱及制冷设备 patent, CN-106705621-A: Drying device for metallurgical raw materials and drying method applying drying device patent, CN-106707168-A: 一种纯电动汽车电机测试台 patent, CN-106707723-A: Clutch lever-free quartz watch movement structure patent, CN-106707779-A: 一种智能家居用窗帘系统 patent, CN-106708119-A: Greenhouse vegetable plantation humidity control system patent, CN-106708160-A: Power output protection circuit and method patent, CN-106708473-A: 一种统一染色器阵列多warp取指电路及方法 patent, CN-106708666-A: Automatic switching method for failure computer and device patent, CN-106709653-A: 一种综合定量评价水电站防渗帷幕施工质量的方法 patent, CN-106709982-A: Drawing method and drawing system based on continuous segmental three-dimensional pipeline patent, CN-106710318-A: Method of building physical experiment according to hand-painted pattern patent, CN-106710506-A: 显示面板的驱动方法、驱动电路、显示面板及显示装置 patent, CN-106710554-A: Scintillation drift optimization circuit as well as optimization method thereof, array substrate and display device patent, CN-106711976-A: 一种快速合闸开关触发控制电路 patent, CN-106711987-A: Quick arc extinguishing system and method for single-phase ground fault of low-current ground system patent, CN-106712295-A: Logical power distribution terminal based on distributed power distribution automation system and communication method thereof patent, CN-106712310-A: 一种基于时间反演的分布式无线能量传输方法 patent, CN-106712819-A: 一种高频谱效率的广义空间调制方法 patent, CN-106714023-A: Voice wake-up method and system based on bone conduction earphone, and bone conduction earphone patent, CN-106715237-A: Baby carriage and tubular member for use in baby carriage patent, CN-106715252-A: 用于车辆的燃料箱结构 patent, CN-106715780-A: 洗衣机及洗衣机的制造方法 patent, CN-106717829-A: Planting method of rhizomapanacismajoris patent, CN-106717991-A: 一种使用富硒营养块栽培富硒大蒜的方法 patent, CN-106718429-A: 一种阻隔蜗牛侵入的绿色防控装置与方法 patent, CN-106718808-A: Vegetable planting machine applied to ship patent, CN-106720641-A: 降脂降压茶及其制备方法 patent, CN-106720947-A: Pet liquid food and preparation method of pet liquid food patent, CN-106721266-A: 一种仔猪专用饲料 patent, CN-106721327-A: 一种大豆粉的加工方法及采用此大豆粉的配合饲料 patent, CN-106722124-A: 一种非油炸方便刀削面的制作方法及产品 patent, CN-106722468-A: 慈菇罐头加工方法 patent, CN-106722572-A: 一种冰糖大头菜的制备方法 patent, CN-106722847-A: 一种黄秋葵墨鱼肉风味陕西凉皮饼皮及制备工艺 patent, CN-106723129-A: Lever loading type punching coconut opener patent, CN-106723498-A: High-fitting degree antibacterial mask patent, CN-106724395-A: 儿童音乐秋千玩具 patent, CN-106724406-A: 一种可调节间距的物流自适应配货架 patent, CN-106724699-A: Mute type concealed installation sliding rails and mute type concealed installation sliding rail system patent, CN-106725019-A: Environment-friendly anti-slide base of bathroom patent, CN-106725155-A: Domestic mop patent, CN-106725234-A: 红外感应式鞋底清洁机 patent, CN-106725615-A: Intravascular ultrasonic image pulse interference suppression method and device patent, CN-106725897-A: Breathing tracking monitoring communication system patent, CN-106727170-A: 一种驱蚊沐浴露 patent, CN-106727991-A: 一种女贞子汤的组合配方 patent, CN-106728016-A: Medicine for treating herpes zoster and preparation method of medicine patent, CN-106728277-A: 一种治疗牛皮癣的药物及其制备方法 patent, CN-106728999-A: 一种预防动脉硬化药酒 patent, CN-106729636-A: 一种提高卵巢囊肿奶牛受胎率的方法 patent, CN-106729763-A: Activation effect of poly inosine-cytidine on I-type interferon pathway mediating lung tissue to clear streptococcus pneumoniae patent, CN-106729792-A: Double-layer towel disinfection cabinet capable of carrying out air-drying and being folded patent, CN-106730435-A: 风电逃生装置及包括其的风力发电机 patent, CN-106730861-A: Safe and practical slide patent, CN-106731065-A: Press fitting device for frame filter box provided with drive rod patent, CN-106731980-A: 一种配肥装置及其控制方法 patent, CN-106733481-A: Bladder gluing machine patent, CN-106733621-A: Efficient screening equipment for ore mining patent, CN-106734601-A: 装载机变速器总成零件左右挡板倒圆角模具 patent, CN-106735247-A: Preparation method of multilayer structural porous metal/nano carbon phase composite material patent, CN-106735857-A: 基于表面纳米化处理的搅拌摩擦焊方法 patent, CN-106736188-A: 一种变压器机箱加工系统及变压器生产系统 patent, CN-106736202-A: Rapid clamp structure for car seat welding patent, CN-106736215-A: Welding device for transformer oil tank cooling fin patent, CN-106738035-A: Drilling equipment of plastic suction die patent, CN-106738163-A: 一种便携式劈材器 patent, CN-106738416-A: Self-proportioning mixing device and mixing method for foam polyurethane raw material patent, CN-106739366-A: Decorative film with metal wire drawing effect patent, CN-106739651-A: 一种改进型笔筒 patent, CN-106740312-A: 提篮与底座扣合显示装置 patent, CN-106740440-A: Automobile signal lamp switch circuit patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent,

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